Get That Vacation In..

All right now Diamonds this is your last month to vacation with the kids before the summer is over and school is back. Try to maintain your composure this month I know you're getting anxious about the kids going back to school, and folks think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

It is also the beginning of hurricane season so if you are going to travel make sure you check the weather at the place you are going. #MotherNature is no joke nowadays. It would be foolish not to take precautions to ensure you and your family's safety.

If you traveling please be safe while having fun I wish I could be there with you having fun too.  Enjoy, remember if you have an idea for a show and want to share it email me at and let's talk.  See you on the networks.

This week's show

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LJ Morning Sparkle

Today I am keeping my promise to complete the "Book of Esther".  Our heroine has kept the faith and took the path she was destined to take by God and was blessed in the end. Which one do you think is easier? Deciding the right path? Or following the right path? Either way, it's difficult to not want to treat people kind especially those who feel they can walk all over you. Join me today at 10:00 am as I finish this exciting book.

Interview with Tamara Shewmake

August is back to school month the perfect month to interview the woman running for the city of Portsmouth School Board Miss. Tamara Shewmake. Listen to her views on what she believes would be best for our children's education tonight; and go vote for her on November 6th, 2018.

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LJDN Radio

Home of the LJDNRadio bringing you new and exciting entertainment, this and every week. Wednesday's if your a country music lover you're going to love these Indie Artist, Thursday' reggae is always hot, Hip Hop/R&B Friday's help get you ready for the weekend.  Give us a listen and if you have music you would like on our stream email us at it doesn't cost a dime its free.

In The Cut with Jay

August is the month football season starts and Jay is truly a #diehard football fan his team is the Pittsburg Steelers. This week's show he'll be talking about little league and the pressures that are being put on them by their parents. He will also talk about what he calls "Nagging wives during football season" this will be a good one! Join him tonight at 8:00pm EST.

You can also hear him on iTunes and LJDNRadio for more information or to link up go to my page or listen anytime on podcast at BlogTalk  click here and goto my page to get started. 


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2017 LJDN Show Music Award Winner

Meet Cosmic Crash  aka Danny Meyers  of Canada he won this year's gorgeous crystal trophy find out what else he won...

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