We now have two different ways we play music (1) is promoting your music (2) playing your music. (1) The original way we promote is send a disclaimer agreement to the artists that they would have to sign and faxed back before playing your songs.  This protects the show as well the artist  with this agreement includes promotional pictures sent out on a weekly basis (in rotation), the link to their music page where you can view or purchase the artist music. Your pictures on the #DiamondDelights page of the shows official website, and they go into rotation with the rest of the DiamondDelights artist. We also need to be connected via social media.

 (2) The new way is you to send me your music we listen to it and if it’s good it will be played on the show that type does not include weekly promos,  pictures sent out, no additional promos. However when playing your song Lina will drop your name  before  or after your song  and your song will go into rotation with the other artist.

That decision was made due to problems with having the disclaimer being signed and faxed back to us. Although the disclaimer is simple it basically states I will not sell your music for profit.  Following the show on social media is required by at least one of your social media networks, if you do not have a social media account please do not send your music. Being on social media means that you are serious about your music and need help promoting it.  There is no disclaimer to sign.

The choice is yours on which type of promotion you would like when submitting your music please specify the type of promotion you would like by typing a (1) or a  (2). If you select one a representative will be in contact with you. If you select (2) just submit your music and you will receive an email informing you if your music has been selected to play on the show.

Now you can submit your music to the show if you or anyone you know wants to submit their music have them send me an email with the link to the to the music website, or attach the MP3 audio in email. They must also tell me what type of promotion and want a Promote or non-promote right now promotions are free….  submit music to:

Note: #LJDNShow play's a variety of music, there is no particular genre. We play all types to be considered for free promotion, send an email to: Playing My Music sending your music to any other email address is not guarantee it to be played on the show.  You will be asked to send your music in an mp3 format to a designated email, you will also be asked to send at least two photo's and to connect with the show via social media. Photos from Facebook or Twitter can be used as well upon given permission by the musician or the  musician manager. A agreement and/or disclaimer of permission granted by you must be on file via email or fax before we can proceed with promotions. Upon completion you will receive an email from our music personnel welcoming you to the Diamond Network family and informing you on further promotion details. Failure to obligate to social media agreement will cause your music, and photos to be removed from this and other sites hosted by LJDNShow. Removal from all episodes, social media sites is at the show's producer discretion.  You must have a major active social network account connection.


Talent In 10 is exploding with #Indie talent! This is the show where you get to hear filmmakers short films and trailers of full feature films that are out or coming out. Hold on cause there's more have you ever wanted to know more about the book before you read it? This show has book reading from #Indie authors. The show will tingle your sense of hearing with poetry readings, new music talents and more! It even has actors sending in their videos showing off their acting skills. Pretty much anything you can hear can be heard on this show. The show airs once a month, the last Monday of the month to be exact. If your thinking about submitting your audio you must have it in a week in advance for advertisement. During the airing of your audio a link is sent out to the shows social media platforms  Twitter, Facebook and G+ to where they can RT, Tweet, share or like your audio. You can also include a link to where they can purchase your product. find out more info. or follow the talent. It's easy to be a part of the Talent In 10 project simply submit your talent in mp3 format with the link and a short intro. about 2 -3 sentences to


Conversation topics are agreed upon by all the guest prior to the forum, guest are informed of the start  and end time also the number to call or Skype in. If you commit to being a guest on the forum and do not show up after your free advertisement has been publicly posted your picture and business name will be excluded from all future replay episodes and are excluded from this website. Extreme emergencies are always an exception to the rule. Rude and extreme profanity will not be allowed and your call will be disconnected by the host, this rule applies for guest and callers.

If you were not a prior or are not a present guest off  the show (by confirmed email) You must agree to commit to the DiamondForum via email using a valid email address and be connected with one of the major social network sites. Such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn confirming by a valid email address this is our permission to use your photos you send or allow us to use photos from Facebook. There is no monetary fee for advertisement of your photos, public announcements and advertising for your business, talent, services or music. Connection on social media is required by all entrepreneurs, artists, and guest .

Our art team is not compensated for the work they do to create artwork advertisement for your interview or to promote your music therefore we ask that you please be considerate by keeping your obligation. Creation of artwork is not a requirement posting photos, advertisement, links etc. are optional, subject to change at anytime without prior notice.


Music, entertainment and guest  are promoted and played on the show  posting advertisements are seen on all social entities related to the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork. Advertisement posting promotions are posted on Thursday and ends Monday afternoon before the show starts. Additional links to the show can be found on Because social media accounts can be unpredictable and any public media free accounts can be shut down at anytime without notice. We do not make promises to our guest or musicians in the event this should happen to one or our social media accts.  we will continue to use our other social sites until the problem is resolved on that particular account.


To be a guest on the show is free, to have your business exposed is simple. Send an email inquiry to: Be A Guest, or, or fill out the guest form. Let us know you would like to be a guest on the show include the link to your website and/or social media site so we can be aware of what type of business you have. You must also be connected to one or two social media sites. To find out what guest has been on the show and hear their interviews go to our #DiamondGuest page and click on any of the guest. You will receive an email from Lina Jones with a few more details and a booking schedule.


This show provides paid external links and business advertisement. The price for an external link is $7.00 each per month, if you are not paying for banner advertisement your company will be included in our business directory  FREE of charge when you pay for any external link or banner. If you would like to have a link in our directory there is a monthly fee of $5.00.  If you are paying for banner advertisement an additional link will be placed under your business name and will automatically be placed in the  #Diamond Directory free of charge. Online billing is sent out via annual billing is available. For external links and banner ads on this website visit our advertisement page.

If you would like your business commercial played during any of our live shows, or want to include your companies banner in our add rotation  please email us for a private price quote.


Cancellations for banner advertisement or links must be sent via email 30 days in advance to avoid billing, if you cancel your ad within the month it is displayed you will not receive a pro rated or any refund for that month. If you cancel or terminate your acct your depending on the circumstances your name may be removed from the #DiamondDirectory. Normal cancellations names and business physical addresses, phone number and emails addresses are kept in the directory free of charge with no external link access. To keep your external link in the directory there will be a charge of $7.00 per month.

Refunds are given at the shows discretion refunds are sent via check (please make sure you send a valid address refund checks are sent certified) $1.50 is deducted from the amount of the refund to cover postal cost. If the refund is put on your card that is a $5.00 charge to process your request monies are automatically deducted from the amount of the refund. If you have questions email us

If you no longer want your photo to be displayed on this website send an email to Please remove my photo your photo will be removed but your interview will remain the property of the show. Removing your interview will be at the discretion of the shows producers.


 If your interested in having a banner  600 x 450px ad included in the shows slide show, or to have a up to 30 second audio commercial played during the show, Send an email to To advertise your business on  BlogTalkRadio Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Show page contact: To inquire about websites hosting, graphics or video please go to or email:


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