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1. Get the lowest current price by using Invisible Hand is a browser extension tracks the prices of 11,000 online stores.

2. Automate the coupon search forget about Googling coupon codes the browser extension Honey finds and automatically enters them for you at one of thousands of participating stores.

3. Give yourself a gift card. Buy gift cards below face value at sites like Raise.com or Cardcash.com and use them to purchase gifts for others.

4. Get rewards for shopping. Use a shopping portal like shopkick or Ebates to earn rewards.

5. Get friendly over IM. If your're shopping at a retailer that has an online instant chat service,  use it to ask for a lower price.

6. Play hard to get. Abandon a full shopping cart on a retail website, and you may get an email the next day Offering you a discount to complete the purchase.

7. Be a follower. Follow your favorite retailers on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and sign up for their email and text alerts about flash deals and exclusive discounts.

8. Download the app. Some retailers have additional deals only for mobile customers. Turn on the app's notification to get them.

9. Pretend you're a newbie. Log in with a secondary email address, which might fool a site into thinking you're a first time visitor.

10. Follow the leaks. Some of the largest retailer strategically share their Black  Friday circulars to place like BFAds.net. (Info. from Consumer Report)


OK now that you have had a chance to get your dress up on some were scary, a lot of cuteness, demonic and silly it’s time to get serious about the Holiday's. It's November y’all! And this is the month where family and friends gather to celebrate gratitude towards each other over a huge meal that will everyone sleepy and 5 to 10 pounds larger then we were before the holidays.

For some folks like me this is a dangerous time I have been testing my diabetes little bit but that’s going to stop now because I've made myself sick so I learned my lesson early the hard way. Listen don't test your diabetes! For all of those who have diabetes high blood pressure any type of diseases that can affect your health do yourself a favor and just back away from the table. If you have t have eat with portion control, and remember alcohol is sugar so take it easy ok

So let's focus on being thankful this month thanking praising God for allowing you to see another Turkey day because there are so many did not live to see this day. I'm also going to throw some holiday eating tips we want to look good in that Christmas party dress this year and holiday gift ideas from Consumer Reports. This is also the last month for me, not that I’m going anywhere I’m not going anywhere so don't get to excited lol. I will be taking them month of December off like I usually do except for last year I did not and it was a disaster so this time I am following my instincts so I can shop, meet with friends but hey I'll be back refreshed for 2018. Plus you can always chat with on social media mainly FB, Twitter or Instagram.

I need the time to prepare for January 2018 to bring new and fresh ideas to the show. I'll have new interviews, music, good times and a few surprises. I have the #DiamondAwards coming my 4th year anniversary, some give away baskets and more. Hey check this out you can now listen to the show on Amazon echo, Amazon Alexa devices isn't that cool! So get cozy with me this month and with my guest I have new #DiamondDelight music and I'll be introducing another Indie Artist live at 7pm EST, 6pm CST and 4pm PST.


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