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life is a horror show

This is the month for ghost, ghouls and things that go bump in night. But who needs them when you have real life horror's like crazy men gunning down the stadium full of innocent people, three hurricanes in a row that almost resembled the perfect storm, major earthquake ripping apart foundations and buildings literally crushing those in its path, and an eclipse that made day turn to night at 2:00pm in the afternoon, excluding bombs in Europe killing people because folks won't believe in the things they want folks to believe in their religion. Countries threatening to send missiles full of poison to kill your whole regions, and a crazy man in the White House who appears to be almost oblivious as to what is going on in our country and the world.

These are real life stories they need no extra additives.

Evil is everywhere it's like a bad hangover taking over people emotions that no pill can take away. I do believe that Satan is in his play ground having #bigfun with us. These spirits are real and they cause normal people to horrible things to other people. Take a look at our children and adults choice of Halloween costumes. Our kids the majority don't want to dress up as something nice and descent like Superman, or Spiderman (not to knock any of the good one) but for the most part they want to be horrible bad guy, they want to be evil, demonic, scary or a psycho, gang bangers, demons, women want to be lustful female creatures like succubus or she devils and strippers... lots of parents promote this and even do it themselves. I have nothing against wearing a costume in good taste..a positive member of society... I get that's not considered as fun but do you realize that we welcome these type spirits into our homes, lives, and minds and eventually stuff start going wrong in your life and you can't figure out why. When can any of deal with a real demon? Heck No I say...

I'm no preacher but I do believe if you invite them it they will try to destroy you and your family, that is their purpose they have no concern for human life there purpose is to damn your soul and that's #realtalk. So be careful what you invite into your life this Hallows season because #crazy is real wake up people your not in Kansas anymore.

It may be hard for some people to believe in a God that would allow these things to happen and don't understand his love and especially if everything happens by God's will why would he will such evil events? Well there is a number of theories I can say but I advise you to talk to your preachers or a true believer and we all know someone. I can say we where created to give Him praise therefore things are put in order so he can have our praise that's all he wants from us to praise him and believe that he is a rewarded for those that seek Him. That is our shield and protection against all of this..if you don't know #youbetterasksomebody as long as you have Jesus you're its all good he fights those battles for you and helps you not to be afraid call Him by His name I know because I am a witness. Believe me I'm no "Mother Theresa" but I love my God he knows he created the trip of a person called Lina Jones.. here's more




fear God's way purity

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