April Awareness Talent In 10 Episode “Autism”

What’s up Diamonds,
We have been seeing April awareness postings all around the social network, everything from cancer to lupus to autism. Last Monday night on #CoffeeTalk I spoke about anxiety something that I personally deal with, and this Monday I have a piece from you for you from Tedx Talks on Autism. This lady Vicky Shanks I have to give her a lot of credit she has 7 girls 1 boy and all of them were diagnosed with autism with the exception of one. I have three daughters myself being a military wife and mom and at times been having to be mom and day when my husband was away was not easy especially with girls, heck It’s not easy raising kids period ( it takes a village ) let alone 7 of them with special needs. I tip my hat to this lady please listen to her story about her children not need it needs to be medicated because of their autism I hope you enjoy it.

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