April Awareness Talking about Discoid Lupus

Monday night I will be talking about discoid lupus it is something that has affected my whole family on my oldest daughter. She was not born with that disease neither did she have it during her elementary or high school years, she was diagnosed with this in her adult years after she was married. This is something she actually been wanting for a while to bring an awareness to discoid lupus as we got closer to the date she began to be more hesitant on putting a picture of what discoid lupus has done to her face. I will be interviewing my daughter and we will talk about what she goes through on the days that she doesn’t feel like putting on special make up, which is hard for her I raised my daughters to not depend on makeup for beauty so they don’t wear a lot of it. I was told lupus is a disease that runs through the family bloodline, and I have asked the oldest living person in my family about this disease and all all accounts have come up with empty.  Does the disease run on her father side of the family I don’t know and I probably will never know being a teenage mother my boyfriend abandoned me.   Join me on Monday night as my daughter and I have intimate talk to help bring awareness to discoid lupus.

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