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You know how we can just sit around and chit-chat over a nice cup of coffee or tea for hours about everyday life stuff? Well, this show is ALL about the tips, tools, and hints that will make your life easier over a WIDE variety of topics that affect us all day-to-day. Some past topics have included: romance issues and relationships, issues around the home and your health (like…how to survive a high deductible health plan…yikes!), identity theft (is the insurance worth it?), using over-the-counter sleep aids (is the risk worth it?), when’s the best time to buy a new TV, do you love your car? See? A wide variety – even about a new age and attitude on retirement…so there’s something for the young and older alike. Each month I will pick some topics of interest and issues that affect my life that I know might be affecting you too…that way we can learn together what is the best way to deal with that issue or topic. These topics and issues are all relevant at the time, but if YOU have an idea, or want to learn about something that is affecting you, please write to me and let me know and we’ll do a show on it! You can always reach me by emailing me at: ljdnshow@gmail.com or through the “Contact Us” down below. And if you’re interested in being a show sponsor or advertising on the show, just contact me at the email address listed above. you can now listen to episodes on Spreaker, YouTube, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.


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