music updates
Cosmic Crash has a new single out titled "Just The Way You Are"  check him out on Reverbnation.

Ashley J has a new single out called "Satisfied" on Spotify.

Michael Brondstetter has a new single out titled "Let It Go" check it out on Spotify.

Steve Cohen's
birthday is today 1/25/18 give him a #shoutout he is on Facebook, Intagram and Twitter.

Steve Hester was in a horrific accident a driver hit him but is healing well at his home in Arkansas please include him in your prayers.  His music continues to rise and become hits in Arkansas to find out more hit him up on Facebook.

Cold Cash has emerged again and is going strong we touched basis during Twitter post (LJDNSho). He has a new single out and has submitted it, I will be playing in on the LJ Moringing Sparkle starting the week of the January 22nd.

I have been recieving lots of new Indie artists from MTS Management, they have all been awesome and they all are country. I have selected a few of them which I now play on the morning show. Matt Westin is pretty hot along with Phillip Broussard when it comes to the international music Mellowtone is growing on me quite a bit. TJ Leonard is not to shabby neither.

A couple of the Delights have new music out but have not submitted it, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks. I am grateful for the music management companies they are keeping going with new talent, this keeps things fresh and moving.




Now that I found the design and proofed it I thought I would see the proof on the trophy but not. I has been shipped I will have to take the pics myself, so it will be another week before we can see the trophy. Announcements start 2/1/18. #excited

1/25/18 I finally found a trophy I deem worthy of my DiamondDelights music award I should have a picture of it real soon. I think I might keep this one around for a while.

DiamondDelights awards are on the way, although I am having some difficulty choosing the award this year. I decided this year there will be only one award alloted this year due to slow voting for the guest award. Majority of all the votes that come in are music votes which it difficult to choose a "Best Interview" award maybe in the future that will change but until further notice there will only be a #DiamondNetwork Music Award.