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The DiamondNetwork Awards nominees are here and they need your help these entrepreneurs and independent music artists work hard all year to bring you their very best, it's not easy to put yourself out there and hope folks like what you do and appreciate your talent. These awards are my way of saying your appreciated entrusting me something that means so much to you. Some artist don't have full-time jobs all they do music and those who do have full-time jobs play music on the side they're working twice as hard to entertain you and share a little bit of what they love with you. The Diamond Awards says thank you via trophies that I personally pay for, it is my way of thank you so vote for a Diamond let them know that hey we hear you. Cast your vote right here.

How to win in 2017 for your music send in an mp3 audio of your music, connect with the show on at least 2 of our social media sites, and tell your friends to retweet and share your music only the Top 5 retweeted or shared in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will be selected as nominees. Music criteria: Clean, no profanity or degrading of any persons. No Heavy metal or hard core rap. If your song fits that  criteria I would like to promote you FREE email it to:

We're always looking for guest on the show if you are an entrepreneur,  have a small business, talent or good cause you want to share why not  get some free advertisement. It's easy free to get on the show just sent an email to guest@ljdnshow.com . Also send us your banner ads we are looking to raise money for the show and a great way to do it is by banner ads placed your banners on just about any page on the site. You probably have your banner someplace else that's not getting any attention I know advertisement is a fickle business  so why not bring your business to the LJDN Show's website.  Visitor's are growing daily and its affordable if you have no banner you can have your business advertised as a show sponsor. If you can't to do the artwork yourself we can do the artwork for you at VBL Productions LLC.com.

The selections was made based on Twitter, FB & Intagram and BlogTalk Radio analysis . These selections were counted by how many times your name was "liked, retweeted or shared" from an #LJDNShow, #LinaJones or #DiamondNetwork post put out by our show only. This is the 2nd year of these awards.

 Winners Receive: 1 17" 2016 Trophy, 1 Official Diamond Tee-shirt, 1 free year of ad advertisement with a link to your music on the LJDN Show's website, the Blogtalk Radio.com slide show for the shows channel, a free video posted on the VBL Productions LLC YouTube channel and the new LJDN.TV channel coming up on Vimeo.com. Total value of the prizes is up to $5,000.00.

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