Interview with Pastor David Cruz Founder of “Our Father’s Daycare”

What’s up Diamonds,
It’s hard to believe this is the last week of June but it is and it’s already starting out as a hot one here in southern Virginia. For the past few days, we’ve had temperatures ranging in the 90s that felt like it was 100° outside it’s been a little tough trying to hang in there and that type of weather but I model on anyway. Looking forward to cooler temperatures I hope you are all staying cool keep eating ice can help.
 Monday we have a very special guest this is this will be the first Pastor I’ve interviewed and I’m pretty excited about it. He is the founder of "Our Father's Daycare" in Virginia Beach, Va.  If you want your child to learn something about Bible scriptures and understanding right and wrong from a biblical perspective you might want to look into a Christian daycare center. Our Father’s Daycare is has having their grand opening in July and is looking to fill spots in their new daycare center located inside the church.  Now it’s your time to find out about how a Christian daycare center is run the pastor will be here to talk about his new daycare center and some of the things they will be teaching your child. Your kids will have a lot of fun while learning about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in our non-overbearing atmosphere. Check us out Monday night at 7 PM EST.
 I am happy to announce that " In The Cut w/Jay" is now moving to its own day and time is the show will no longer be after the LJDN Show  and his new spot is Thursday evening at 8:00 PM and if you missed it don’t worry you can hear it again on the LTD and radio on Friday morning at 10.  Thank you for all your support here is the link to listen to the show
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