LJ Morning Sparkle Life Improvements Show #5

Welcome to another episode of LJ Morning Sparkle #LifeImprovement this week I will be talking about the book of Esther, I know most if you want me to go into the new testament and I will eventually, but I find the stories in the old testament fascinating and they give me a better appreciation for the new testament.  For me, it shows how God didn’t except mistakes he really did no,t when he said to do it he meant for you to do it. During the old testament, they had prophets that mediated between us and God this continued up until the day Jesus Christ was born.

Now we have Christ as our mediator, God never changes he had to come up with a solution to save me and you. Jesus was his solution because of his grace and love for mankind that I am still surviving, I say I because I can’t speak for anyone else and I try not to. The book of Esther for me it’s about complacency, being comfortable in our own corners and not trying to go where he wants me to be.  I look forward to you joining me this morning at 10:00 AM EST as I go through part one of the book of Esther and compare it with today’s situation, it’s going to take two Wednesdays today and next Wednesday before we complete with the book of Esther as we listen to some good music as I pray that my message will inspire you to make some Life improvements where you see fit. http://tobtr.com/s/10898123

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