LJ Morning Sparkle #LifeImprovement Show #7

What’s up Diamonds,

This morning we are going further into the book of Esther when we left off last we talked about the elaborate banquet that was taking going on and how the queen Vashti refused King Ahaserus his request. Today we go a little bit further into what happened after the queen ignored the Kings request and how he and Esther met. I will also be introduced to 2 new characters Mordecai and Hammon in my comparison. Thank you for taking this walk with me as I talk about the scriptures of the Bible I am learning things and having my eye opened to areas of scripture that I did not fully understand. The breakdown and study let me see the different personalities and characters in biblical times and the more I read and study them the more I realize that these same personalities and characters exist in today’s society. So, come and continue this journey with me in the book of Esther I pray that I can inspire you and help bring some light into those dark places we all have inside that will bring you closer to our God. http://tobtr.com/s/10910911

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