LJ Morning Sparkle Show

Welcome to another episode of the LJ Morning Sparkle, last week we were introduced to one of Job's friend name Eliphaz who believes bad things only happen to bad people so Job must be one. This morning we will meet two more of Job's friends Bildad and Zophar and I gotta tell you with friends like that who needs enemies, sometimes we really don't know who our friends are or what they truly think about us until a crisis hits us and we look to them for support. I don't know about you but I have most definitely been surprised by people who I considered good friends behaviors when I was in a crisis, we all have them maybe one sometimes two. And if you have more than two you need to dump the whole lot of them because they will never be the type of friends you need or should want. But Job holds on steadfast as he is deciding whether he loves or hates God for his situation, we go back to our comparison with the traumatized life we just had in our story of Life Improvements.

Join me this morning to hear about Job's friends and maybe cast some light on your own friendships that will help draw you closer to the one and only true friend who's name is Jesus he never fails and he's got #nothinbutlove for ya, I have some good music to go with this story. Check me out at 10:00 am EST and again on podcast LJDNRadio on LJDNShow.com on Sunday's at 11:00. You can always listen on iTunes and Blogtalk Radio. See you on the networks. http://tobtr.com/s/10865329

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