Memory Monday Discussion about Feminity

Can you believe that they were five Mondays in the month of July wow! It’s been a long hot month. I have to say if we really haven’t really had a summer here in VA  the past few years we’ve made up for it this summer with all the humidity and all the heat, I’m not complaining ” I’m just saying”. No pun to you summer heat lovers and tanners, for those of us that can tan at a drop of sun  I can’t wait till fall I’m good on humidity, heat and I’ve tanned enough. #Iluvsummer

Tonight’s show is called Memory Monday is the show where I do some live talking and I mix it with a show from my archives that was very entertaining can I play for you. This Monday’s show is about my very first Diamond Forum discussion show.  The show was recorded June 23,2014 the original has been removed from my archives. My discussion panel guest for this very first discussion panel was Author Regina Puckett and Author Jacqueline Rainy both awesome authors. We discussed 3 subjects in my 2-hour show and you will hear 2 of them tonight those discussions the first one was about ” Femininity”  The second subject was “Why Do Women Object themselves to take off Their Clothes? ”  Both conversations were very entertaining we had a blast together we laughed and talked these 2 subjects I would love for you to listen in I know you’ll be entertained and I will be here in the studio live to chat with you for the first 15 minutes before I play the recording.

Stop by the show’s website and check out  LJ Morning Sparkle and  In The Cut with Jay. Who by the way we had an awesome time with Sunday evening at Virginia Beach at the Right On Band concert. Listen and join me tonight otherwise, I will see you in the network.

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