What's up Diamonds,

Welcome to another episode of #LJMorningSparkle we are still in the book of Job and we have one more episode in Job which will be next Wednesday then we close and go into another chapter of #lifeimprovements comparison to biblical Scriptures.

Today we will be finishing the book of Job with some useful lessons we all will have learned and are ready to share them others. Job has quite a few chapters and although I did not read them all, I think I've made a pretty good comparison to our today's real-life situations. You may not have everything happen to you at the same time as my character. Maybe you've just experienced 1 or 2 of his/her issues or even something different. My point is we all go through things that may appear life-changing good or bad, why they happen? One of the reasons is so we can keep prayer alive if you're praying God is not staying because prayer and God work hand in hand just like cereal and milk it's just that simple. So get your #prayer on remember it doesn't really matter where or when you pray as long as you do it. Join me this morning http://tobtr.com/s/10887239

Lina Jones

I am not a preacher nor do I hold any doctrines stating any of the such, I am just like you and I go through things everyday some days I'm good and some days I'm not (sometimes my bad outweigh my good #realtalk). The bible can be quite intimidating trying to figure out how it applies to everyday life situations, I can only pray that my interpretation is true to my Lord and to you and that you learn something about yourself, Jesus and your life as I do each time I study. Feel free to leave any comments on LJDNShow.com website.