Good Morning Diamonds,

How are you today on this beautiful Wednesday morning Welcome to be LJ Morning Sparkle this is my Wednesday life improvement show. Today we are finishing the book of Esther this book is full of surprises full of drama, suspense, rumors and gossip you name it it's right there in the good book. I tell you there is truly nothing that is going on now that has not gone on during biblical days. We made dress different our hair may be a little different, the shoes we wear and the music we listen to may be different, but the earth has told these stories so many times. And for each time it does a scripture is played and repeated there is truly nothing new under the sun. So, join me as we finish the book of Esther on today and as usual I hope that you learn a lesson as I always do or that your life is blessed.  I hope that I have said something to inspire you to take the fear away and to help you to walk out in faith a little more and a little stronger.  And for those wanting wars not every fight you pick you're going to win not as long as there is a God that looks out for that underdog join me 10:00 AM EST.

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I am not a preacher nor do I hold any doctrines stating any of the such, I am just like you and I go through things everyday some days I'm good and some days I'm not (sometimes my bad outweigh my good #realtalk). The bible can be quite intimidating trying to figure out how it applies to everyday life situations, I can only pray that my interpretation is true to my Lord and to you and that you learn something about yourself, Jesus and your life as I do each time I study. Feel free to leave any comments on website.