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Talent In 10 is a show that exposes talent – different types of talent. If you are an author and are writing a book – that’s a talent . If you’re a musician and have music you want to share this might be a good start for you to see how the #Diamonds rate your music. If you’re a comedian and have good and clean jokes that you want to share, that’s a talent. It could be poetry, a book reading, your acting, even a short film if you’re a filmmaker. I even showcase speakers so if you have a talent and would like some free exposure so others can learn about you and we can all shine together. 

If you have a talent you’d like to share, and you’d like to gain some exposure on the network, email me with a link. I'll check it out  if all goes well  I will contact you’re a good fit for the show. If you’re interested in being a show sponsor or advertising on the show, ljdntalent@gmail.com. For more episodes of the Talent In 10 Project visit us on Blog Talk Radio  or iTunes you can now listen to episodes on Spreaker, YouTube, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.


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