The Swing Has Swung

We have had a whole month dedicated to "Happy New Years" and by now we have either given up, about to give up or excelled in the dreaded "New Years resolutions". Now it's all politics, politics, and more politics there has to be something more to talk about in the world besides the folks that we chose to govern our Country,  this all seems like a bad movie. On the bright side, it's also the month of chocolate candy covered in pretty wrappers. Now that's something I never get sick of seeing! Happy V-day #Diamonds.

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LJ Morning Sparkle

Bible study Lina style coming in February. Yes, we are still going to do it.


#LJDNShow 2019

It is Black History month and I always forget to do something in honor of my ancestors who fought so hard for me to have the freedoms and privileges that I take advantage of today. This time I didn't forget here's my girl ... she fought the south like a true #cowgirl.

#LJDNShow  podcasting Monday - Thursday's 10:00am with new live shows scheduled at 8:00pm Monday nights  go to Lina Jones page for more information.

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LJDN Radio

LJDNRadio and in working order check it out to see super cool video from Indie Artist and who's being Featured. Now the LJDiamondNetworks are on and poppin see for yourself and go vote!    Thank you for your patience.

Lets Get it On!

Romance is in the air today all day and hopefully all through the weekend. It's the "Love" month baby and I'm going to keep it going with my "Singing Contest" Live tonight on the show so make sure you chime in. Call me on the show at 347-237-4697 8:00pm EST.

You can also listen to my podcast on iTunes and Alexa when you request LJDNRadio, search for the LJDNShow. For more information or to link up go to my page or listen anytime. Now you can listen right here on just click the hand on top of this page. Or go to BlogTalk  click here. 


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2019LJDN Show Music Awards

Something new, I have added Independent Artist music video to the awards this year, you can see the video and vote for the the Indie Artist you like best. Our new "Reach For The Stars" trophy is just waiting to go home to their new homes. We have created 5 categories for music to vote on and the new "Most Popular Social Media Person" award is up for grabs this year, check out those nominees you might be one of them. I have to go now cause there is much to do and I have lots of catching up to do...But you go and check out the nominees for all the awards and don't forget to vote! It's on the new LJDNRadio website.

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