Now it's Food & Get Fancy season!

I cannot believe that the year is almost over, 2019 is coming up on us, it’s right around the corner. This is the last November of 2018, the only November in 2018 we will ever see.  Soon we will be embarking on Christmas then the new year,  please enjoy your Thanksgiving and the crisp weather of the season. Take it all in with friends and family because the real winter hasn’t hit us yet. This is the time of year where I always gain around 5 pounds or more because I love food and chocolate. Thank you for hanging in there with LJDN and all of the shows that are there for your entertainment. Remember if you're going to fit into those holiday clothes you need to slow down on the intake of cake, cupcakes, Donuts, and chocolate; don’t forget the holidays are all about giving back and looking absolutely gorgeous in your dress.

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LJ Morning Sparkle

Final closing on the Daniel today I talk about 4 more dreams and the meaning behind them,  Join me today at 10:00am EST.

Join me live on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am.

#LJCoffeeTalk November 2018

It's Coffee Talk time again this will be my last coffee talk for the year of 2018, I will resume my  #LJCoffeeTalk on January 2019.  I'm talking about some good stuff on the show tonight check out the LJDNshow’s  page on the website to find out more information.  I look forward to talking to you live tonight 7 PM EST.

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LJDN Radio

Progress has been moving slow on finishing up this website, we are working on it and it will be up and functional very soon. Thank you for your patience.

In The Cut with Jay

Still paying if forward this week I am showing some love to all those entrepreneur's out there. Hey, if you know the struggle is real yo, hit me up on the show tonight.

You can also listen on iTunes and LJDNRadio for more information or to link up go to my page or listen anytime. Now you can listen right here on just click the hand on top of this page. Or go to BlogTalk  click here. 


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2017 LJDN Show Music Award Winner

Meet Cosmic Crash  aka Danny Meyers  of Canada he won this year's gorgeous crystal trophy find out what else he won...

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