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Dog Days of August

We are really in the heat of things August and September are known to be two of the hottest months of the year, not only are they the two hottest months they’re also the kick-off of the hurricane season which could either make or break your holiday season. I say make or break because some People get totally wiped out during the season so, during Christmas, they end up with little to nothing some are still rebuilding their homes. Being that cuffing and football season is right around the corner this month I will be focusing on relationships on the LJDNShow podcast all month, it should be a pretty interesting month as I talk about the different type of marriages and relationships. Make sure you tune in click more at the bottom to find out more information…

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LJDN Radio

LJDNRadio plays non-stop music 24/7 both Indie and commercial music. We also play shows and have air time available for your podcast or your DJ music mix. Wow! All you have to do is drop us an email for more information  Send us your music or your podcast we have a place for you in our home Now accepting show request


LJDNetwork Update

Not only are things getting #heatedup for the month of #August the LJDNetwork is also in the process of heating things up, you know about our studio that we are still in the progress of working on. The website will be up soon we had some design difficulties for a while but now we change them out we decided just to go with a whole new design. Lol, I think that's the easy way, I also have a new show I’m producing that should be starting this month or early September created by FB’s #ElleSavage, I’m not sure of the name right now because we are still working that out. This is also the month of the one year anniversary of  In the Cut with Jay show, I started producing his show in August of 2018 and I am his Cohost on the show he is now syndicated to the on Friday and Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM. You can hear his podcasts make sure you check it out, and the LJDNShow podcasts are on Mondays through Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on LJDNRadio. Remember our specialty days Total Tuesdays pop&rock, Wednesday’s are country music, Thursday is #Reggae in Spanish music, and Friday’s are hip hop R&B and rap. All on 24/7 streaming #Music & #Entertainment.

Can You Be Friends with Someone Your Attracted To?

What's up family,

I hope all is well with everyone. Summer is comin' to an end, kids goin' back to school, it's about to start cooling off, but this show ain't got nothing to do with any of that. Although, We will chime in later on those subjects! This week's show, we are gonna talking about dating now, compared to back then...

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