Have A Blast while it Last!

Things are really getting heated around here! We are approaching mid-summer after July and just starting going to the beach. We have had a long beautiful spring this year in Southern VA, make sure you are using sunscreen while you're in the sun sparkling and shinning. Have you made your July 4th plans yet? I'm still working on mine with only a couple of days left to decide what to do.. what to do... no matter where I will go or do I know I'm going to have some fun and you should too. Tune in this month for an informative and entertaining talk on LJDNRadio.com, BlogTalk, and SoundCloud and I will see you in the networks.

LJ Morning Sparkle

A podcast with narration and music.

LJDNShow be moving to LJDNetwork.com

Welcome to another episode of the LJDNShow, if you're not familiar or you don't know about what’s going on with the show, the show will no longer be live on BlogTalkRadio. You can still listen to prior shows from 2014 through 2018 podcast anytime on BlogTalk or iTunes, but the new shows starting this week will no longer be on BlogTalkRadio.com either by podcast or live.  It has been moved to LJDNRadio.com and you will be able to request it on Alexa and Echo. The show will no longer be live it will be on podcast that will air Mondays at 10:00 o'clock AM and again at 8:00 o'clock PM EST US only an LJDNRadio.com, it will also be available on SoundCloud and Spotify starting in May.

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LJDN Radio

LJDNRadio plays non-stop music 24/7 both Indie and commercial music. We also play shows and have air time available for your podcast or your DJ music mix. Wow! All you have to do is drop us an email for more information ljdnshow@gmail.com.  Send us your music or your podcast we have a place for you in our home  music@ljdnshow.com.

Entrepreneur Struggles "WTF"

What's up family,

I know it's been 2 very long weeks but I am back and ready to rock! Just that quick, the topic goes from "Entrepreneurship and the struggles of growing your own Business" to "What The F@ck 2019". ....


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2019 LJDNMusic Awards

Find out about 2019 winners and find out about past winners.

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