Winter Break 2018

LJDNShow and LJ Morning Sparkle show will be on winter break.
Enjoy your holiday season #Diamonds and celebrate responsibly.  Returning in  2019 with all new shows...but I will see you on the social networks.


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LJ Morning Sparkle

This show is on winter break to if you would like to listen to previous shows please click on the image.


#LJDNShow #Podcastmode

#LJDNShow is in Podcast mode & Officially on Winter break

Monday's Podcast interview with Author Colin Chapman. This is a 2 hour show.

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LJDN Radio

Progress has been moving slow on finishing up this website, we are working on it and it will be up and functional very soon. Thank you for your patience.

In The Cut with Jay Podcast Thursday

Thursday's show will be a podcast... sorry folks but I have no other choice with the closing for Bush Senior my job is going to be backed up today. I think you will like the podcast I picked "Pulling Card" click for more info.

You can also listen on iTunes and LJDNRadio for more information or to link up go to my page or listen anytime. Now you can listen right here on just click the hand on top of this page. Or go to BlogTalk  click here. 


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2017 LJDN Show Music Award Winner

Meet Cosmic Crash  aka Danny Meyers  of Canada he won this year's gorgeous crystal trophy find out what else he won...

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