Back In Swing

By now you should have said Happy New Years to everyone and life is returning back to the norm. The bustle of everyday life, the kids are back in school and you're looking out for those end of the year sales. I too am getting back in swing stay tuned for new updates and information #LJDiamond Music Awards is coming February and I added 5 new trophies stay tuned to find out the who's and where's. #Diamonds and thanks for listening.

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LJ Morning Sparkle

Welcome back! Bible study Lina style coming in February.


#LJDNShow 2019

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Hang in there #Diamonds because sometimes the struggle is real...

#LJDNShow  podcasting Monday - Thursday's 10:00am with new live shows scheduled at 8:00pm Monday nights  go to Lina Jones page for more information.

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LJDN Radio

LJDNRadio will be in full operation February 1st, we have to so you can vote for your favorite #Indie Artist, more to come.  Thank you for your patience.

It's OK To Be Real

Do you have your own clique that you would like being around? Would you say that you like being a part of the group or do you like being alone? ... A lone wolf someone who prefers the company of themselves? That will be my discussion on Thursday night show share your thoughts I want to hear from you, hit me up on my show at 347-237-4697 8:00pm EST.

You can also listen to my podcast on iTunes, search for the LJDNShow. And LJDNRadio for more information or to link up go to my page or listen anytime. Now you can listen right here on just click the hand on top of this page. Or go to BlogTalk  click here. 


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2017 LJDN Show Music Award Winner

Meet Cosmic Crash  aka Danny Meyers  of Canada he won this year's gorgeous crystal trophy find out what else he won...

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