In the Cut with Jay “Christmas re-gifts”

What's up Family!

Yoooooooooo! Whats good family? Boy boy boy I am so happy that Christmas is out the way and my life can go back to normal. This past season has truly has been good but long and stressful, it's over. We have new years around the corner and boom 2019 is here and time to start over, But since we just finished Christmas how was everyone holiday? Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? And if not what you gonna do with the gifts you didn't like! Well, I can think of a few things to do with them! But we will chime in on that tomorrow on my Dec 27 show. If you and anything you want to share with the family call in 347-237-4697 or email me @ let's go until later love yall and thanks for the support I''m out.


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