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What's up Diamonds,

Welcome to the all-new LJDNShow, I've been in a little bit of a funk lately because it's been 5 years and I’m feeling like I need something new I needed to reinvent my show. I think everyone needs to do it at times, some people do it every year, every 10 years, but I needed to change some things about the show and was not sure of the “what” and “how”. But now since I can think a little bit clearly (now that my contractors are gone) I’ve come up with a few changes, I think we all can enjoy. So. this is the all new LJDNShow this is my fifth anniversary present to my show.

Every day on the news all that it's reported is bad things there is some good in there but not much only thing I hear is stuff about bad people, bad problems and bad politics. So, I definitely don't want to make my show about politics if anything I want to get away from politics for at least that hour and talk about more real things that affect us in everyday life. Good stuff like tips, best services, best buys and things of that sort, good recipes, food, living and good music. So that's what my shows focus is going to be about.

So Welcome to the new LJDNShow I hope you'll enjoy the show as much as I will enjoy spending my time with you. Will I still do interviews? Of course, if you know of someone with a small business that wants some free exposure to have them email me at guest@ljdnshow.com. I got tired of the no shows on interviews and having to make up for the time which does not equate to the cost of the artwork and the promotions. If you truly want an interview, I'm always open just contact me and please be serious about it I have no time for #nonsense. Otherwise, join me tonight live at the new time at 8 o'clock PM EST. Thank you for listening http://tobtr.com/11251169

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