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Having your music promoted is easy and simple to send your mp3's to for review. Most music is accepted after review with the exceptions of music with profanity and/or degradation of women. A review can take up to 48 hours. Upon music exception, you will be asked to provide a photo and a working contact email.

Requirements: You must connect with the shows FB, IG, or Twitter only one connection is required connecting to the others are optional.  Music is accepted in an mp3 or wav format.

Interviews: Interviews for Indie musicians usually takes place after 3 months your song is familiar to our listening audience. This also gives the Diamonds (audience) to know who you are Lina has a diverse audience so your music will be heard worldwide. It also allows more opportunities for your interview to have more downloads. Interviews are free and optional it is not required that you have one.

Guest Interviews are available for any small business, entrepreneur or contractor that would like some free advertisement. Free exposure is what the LJ DiamondNetwork was built on, it is the ultimate platform that gives your business exposure with nearly 10,000 downloads and counting. Interviews are done via phone call or skype you must provide a photo and your professional title if you do not want to provide a photo an image of your companies logo will do. Your advertisement will run for one week free of charge and podcast of your interview will be heard on  LJDN BlogTalk Radio com channel, LJDNRadio, iTunes, Spreaker Alexa, and YouTube. there are no live interviews at this time but will be in the future.

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