In The Cut with Jay “It’s Ok to be real” “Bullying Has to Stop”

What’s up family

First off I want to say things have just been extra extra busy at work. And  I’ve been trying to plan my days out so that I don’t get overwhelmed with everything I have going on!!  But I just wanted to switch it up a little and talk about something that is a real-life topic that concerns me, for those who have kids. A few days ago a 10 year old boy name Seven Bridges killed himself because of bullying.  And I just wanted to have an open dialogue about… if you ever been bullied? Were you and are you still a bully?? If you were bullied what did you do to get out of the situation???. So please email me or call up to the studio tonight at 347-237-4697 and give me your input. And as I always say thanks for the support, keep God first and always give a helping hand. because what you put out will always come back.


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