In the Cut with Jay “Love or War”

What up family!

I hope I hope everyone is having a wonderful time this week! With Valentines around the corner, I hope you starting to set the mood and buying gifts, trying to find a baby sitter so you can have the evening out, with the one you love! I wish this show was all loving and googly eyes and well gonna be together for the rest of our lives! This show is the opposite direction. We will be talking about why a relationship doesn’t last and is it ok to be friends with your ex and the icing on the cake, why is it so hard for a couple to accept change! lol, All week I have been asking question and Thursday show we will bring them to the front of the class and talk about it, And always I will share with you what I did or am still having problems with! So please chime, You can call in @347-237-4697 or email me and share what you been through. In a pass or present relationship. Thanks for all the support and always give a helping hand because what you put out will come back.

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