In the Cut with Jay “People Go To Far”

What's good family!

What's popping family!  I just want to start off with I really really want to say thank y'all for hanging out with me on my journey in radio! Am learning every day every week because this it new to me and love what am doin! So thanks again. But I have a treat for y'all this week! The name of this week show is called (people go to far) I came up with this topic after taking my mother and gram out to lunch. I don't want to give it all away but these people and these so called service pets are gone to far. And to be on the heavier side of the conversation I will have a special guest Mrs Tressa Hundley talking about these death games that are taking lives of our youth. We have to talk bout it and as I always say anything you want to share call in at 347-237-4697  or email me so until we met again be blessed and always give a helping hand because what you put out will come back


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