In the Cut with Jay Show #11 School Security, Old age driving

What’s up Family,

Happy happy Thursday!! To all of my favorite people in the world!!! Its that time again and before I tell yall what we gonna chat about on my show (#inthecutwithjay)… I first want to tell Miss. Lina Jones am so sorry for changing the topic like 10 times in 4 days!! It never fails that the Lord will send me something that is very close to home…  Now that I bowed down let get it started.. Tonight show will be about 2 topics that  I am sure we will all run into or going through right now. The first question is when do you know that you are unable to drive yourself around? And the second question is. Now that the school is getting ready to start back have your school district make any changes to security? And if you have any updates or stories about either topic please share by phone or email.

And as I always say thanks for your support and give a helping hand. Until tonight holla at ya boy

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