In the Cut with Jay Show #12 Is it ok to flirt when in a relationship?

What’s up Family,

Happ, happy, throwback Thursday!! But we all know what time it is. It’s time to spend a little time in the cut with Jay!! I know this week has been busy and there has been a lot going on with getting the kids in school, football season starting and sure making sure life is going smooth.. But my question for you this week is;  when in a relationship is flirting a no-no? And when has flirting gone too far!!! Because with me being a free soul and like being around people but most of all women.. I get called a flirter all the time and I don’t understand… So, I need yall help to help me break this down you can call in at or email ya boy at. We have to get to the bottom of this. Until tonight on show #12 holla at ya boy! Always give a helping and get your blessings..

Thanks for all of your support.

As I always say thanks for ur support and give a helping hand. Until tonight holla at ya boy

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