In the Cut with Jay “Summertime Chit Chat”

What's popping family?

How have yall been? As I'm here writing up Thursday's show, this week has been a crazy one because I've been doin' a lot of thinking and I want to step it up a notch! I've been playing it way too safe when it comes to the topics that I've been talking about. So as of now on, I will be pushing the envelope. To start it off, Thursday's show was 'pose to be called ( Do's and Don't of Summer) I'm gonna scratch that!! The new show is titled, "Vent". A few things happened this week at work and I want to share what I've seen and heard! These are just my opinions and my thoughts. So if there is something that you want to vent about or bring to the forefront, please do! That is what this show is about! Email or call me up and let's talk about it.
As I always say, thanks for all the support and prayers and always give a helping hand because what you put out will come back.

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