In The Cut with Jay “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

What up Family?

Had to laugh to myself this morning!! Because after last week show I told myself I was going to take this week off. I needed to catch up on some rest and work.. But as you see we are going to keep pressing and work our way through. We are going to have another fun show this week, I love spending this time with you and because of you the shows numbers are growing, growing, growing!. This week on my show we will pretend we hit the lottery,  tell me how would you spend your winnings! Oh, it’s on people!!  I know this week alone everyone has been talking about all this money on my route and just about everywhere I go.   So chime in and let ya boy know what would you do with 1.6 billion?  Until Thursday be blessed and always keep pressing towards your dream as always thank you for your support.

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