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#ITC "Sex Trafficing To Close to Home"

What's popping family?

First off I want to wish everyone a happy holiday since Thanksgiving is next week. Are you ready to get your eat on? To be honest I wasn't even trying to do a show. But with all this craziness going on dealing with our black women. There is no way in hell I could just sit back and watch this take place nothing saying something! When all these white women coming out of the closet with the "Me Too" movement was going on. They had that shit on every channel every day. And the crazy part about was the shit happened 20-30 yrs ago.

But since January 1, 2019, until now, 64,000 black women done came up missing! You don't see anything on the news. No one talking but they talking Stormy Daniels sleeping with Trump crazy ass. Let me ask you this? How would you feel if you mom, aunt, sister and don't say anything bout grandma?  What if they left for work and never came back home? What would be the first thing you would do? I know right scary, but its been happening and it done made it to Virginia Beach my back yard. Before I go into my show we gonna end it here, until tomorrow.

But as I always say keep pressing forward and never give up on your dreams. Because your breakthrough is around the corner. But most of all always put out positive energy because what you put out will come back. So until later be blessed.

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Until later holla, jay


As I always say, keep pressing and always give out positive energy because what you put out will come back.
Tonight's show is about cheaters...
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