Jay's Christmas Sing-off

We have a winner!  Ronald Pittman. In case you missed the show on Thursday night Jay had a Christmas sing-off and the winners to receive $25.00. Luckily for him, there was only 1 contestant or he probably would have lost a lot of money.  Tune in for the fun Thursday nights at 8:00 pm EST or catch the podcast on LJDNRadio Friday's at 10 am, anytime on BlogTalk Radio and iTunes.

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Would You Rather Be Part of A Group or Alone?

What's Up Family,

This week has been so busy and I have a lot going ok on, sometimes I don't know if am coming!! But this too shall pass. The reason I came up with this topic is that of what I been seeing around me and at work daily. People fighting each other just because they have different opinions. So why not ask the question are you a lone wolf or with a pack? Chime in and let's talk about it. #Inthecutwithjay #onlygoodvibes #slim2019 get at ya boy  347-237-4697  let's goooo.


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