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In the Cut with Jay "Dating Now & Then Is Chivery Dead?"

What's good family?

I hope all is well with everyone. Summer is comin' to an end, kids goin' back to school, it's about to start cooling off, but this show ain't got nothing to do with any of that. Although, We will chime in later on those subjects! This week's show, we are gonna talking about dating now, compared to back then. I came up with this topic when I came across a post of a couple out at the park having lunch and across the top, it said, "How many ladies would love this"? You already know all the ladies were like, "Girl I would"! "I wish a man would do that". "Back in the day that was me!" After I took a deep breath, I said, "Y'all are liars"!  Because of the way society is now, most women want you to wine and dine them; I said most not all! So with that being said, what can you remember the most from your past that you would bring back into the dating scene now? Chime in, let's talk about it because I think I have a mouth full for this show!! We gonna roll down memory lane and have some fun.

As I always say, keep pressing and never stop. Find ways to give a helping hand because the energy you put out will come back. Thanks for the support and until Thursday night, be blessed.


As I always say,  thanks for the support. Always give a helping hand because the energy you put out will come back. Until Thursday be blessed and stay encouraged.
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