#Inthecutwjay “Are You and Your Mate Headed in the Same Direction in 2019?”

What’s up family,

I hope everyone is doing well and sticking to what you set out to do for the new yrs? But this week I am asking a few questions? First I  want to ask is your home front on the same page and moving forward to the bigger picture! Or are you just going along with the play because you are on the same team? The reason I came up with this topic is that a lot of people are trying to do better and follow their hearts, but the person you are with might be holding you back! Y’all know I am a mailman and I see and hear a lot of different scenarios and wanted to have a grown conversation because I know there’s a lot of people out there are struggling with this.  So let’s get it popping call in @ 347-237-4697 or email me @inthecutwithjay@gmail.com and as I always say I love Y’all and thanks for the support!!! Until Thursday 8pm sharp be blessed and keep grinding jack.



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