#InthecutwJay “Let’s Chop it Up”

What's Popping?

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this beautiful spring weather that we are having in Va!  For everyone else outside of my area, how has it been over your way? This week I just wanted to chop it up and catch up with everyone and see how things are going. So much has been going on with me and in this world. I just couldn't round it down to just one topic. With famous people passing away, president 45 acting an ass and trying to get him out of office, wedding season approaching us, and most of all, the grills getting pulled out and ready to spark up!! So as you can see, just a lot; but we will get through it. I can't wait to catch up with you all and see how yall been. So until Thursday night at 8 pm, with Jay In The Cut, be blessed, always give a helping hand and never stop pressing towards your dream. Email or call me up and tell me what's been going on in your neck of the woods. http://tobtr.com/11317137


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