#IntheCutwJay “Mother’s Day Special”

Whats popping family!

Well, well, well!! It's that time of the year again. We all know that it's Mother's day this Sunday. I know that all the mothers want the world and they deserve it, for the most part; at least the ones that earned it, to be real! I know there are a lot of fathers out there mad because when it comes to their day, all they get is a pair of socks and a thank you. We will talk 'bout it all tonight on "In The Cut With Jay" at 8pm. I will be sharing some of my favorite stories about my mom and grandma. These two have been a big role in my upbringing and I want y'all to hear some of the stuff I put them through growing up. So, please call in or email me some of your favorite stories 'bout your mama or the special lady that raised you! Just to keep up with trending topics, we will chime in on the shooting in Colorado and school teachers being allowed to carry guns in the classroom. But as I always say, Chase your dream and never stop being you. Always give a helping hand because what you put out will come back. Until tomorrow be blessed and holla at ya boy.

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