#InthecutwJay What You Smokin?

What's a good family!

Well, all I can say is that I really appreciate all the support for every single one of you, and I can't do anything but keep pressing forward and getting better this. But this week show we are going to have a little fun but talk about something that really gets on my nerves! The one thing in the world that I hate now, but at one time I use to do. until I started to change my lifestyle. Was smoking. I really don't like the smell of cigarette smoke. The smell it leaves when a person comes back inside after taking a smoke break,I just can't deal. But this conversation we gonna have is the overall of smoking! So am gonna ask you (what you smoking) and that mean, cigarettes we cigars, vapour, htc and most of all that crack cocaine. But on the real it's an open conversation and I can't wait to dive in, because everybody got their own feelings on why they smoke the reasons why they can't stop so we just going to talk about it and have some fun. So please chime in and tell me how you feel. Hit me up by email or call me up at 347-237-4697. And as I always say give a helping hand because what you put out will come back http://tobtr.com/11276509.

Until later love y'all Jay

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