#ITC “Back To School/Let’s Catch Up”

What's good family?

Yoooooooo!!! So sorry to say it but summer is over! Dammm, I just hope everyone enjoyed it! I hope y'all lived your best lives, blew all ya' money on vacation, liquor, men, women, sex and drugs lol. But on the real, I had a blast. I just wanted to sit back and have a conversation about everything that's going on. From the end of summer, getting new ID's to vote and travel to flashing back to when I was in school and how I use to stay up all night because we were wearing new clothes to school. One thing I also want to know is, what are the teachers saying about coming back? Are they really ready and what's the dislike about the beginning of a new school year? So call me up and let me know. I'm gonna keep it short but as I always say,  thanks for the support and never give up on your goals and dreams. You came too far to give up now. Until Thursday, be encouraged because the energy you put out will come back. Request it now on https://ljdnradio.com/request

As I always say,  thanks for the support. Always give a helping hand because the energy you put out will come back. Until Thursday be blessed and stay encouraged.
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