#ITC “Cuffing Season”

What's popping family!

What's popping family?? Or shall I say what's cuffing family? Dam, after the long-ass week and the weather being over 80 degrees, I was thinking to myself, am I doing this show topic too soon?! Me personally, it's too hot to be all underneath me! Then again, it's just right because at the end of it all, you don't want to wait and that person you been watching is already gone! So with that being said, is cuffing a sport? Are there rules? When is the true time to start looking for that person to cuff and what are the dos and don'ts of cuffing? Believe it or not, we all have done some cuffing but I think we really didn't know it had a name. Well, you already know I will have all the answers to your questions. Y'all know that I like to do my research so I will have my paperwork with me. I do have a question though, what if you really like the person you cuffed and found out so much that you look at the person different now? Damm, what to do move forward or fall back? But we will talk about all that Thursday night. Call me up, chime in and share a story of yours. Listen on Demand at https://ljdnradio.com/request

As I always say, positive energy is all we have to give because we will get it back. Be blessed and never give up.

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