#ITC “Hallows-ween Special”

Boo! Boo! Happy Halloween family!

I hope everyone is enjoying this spooky day, just to be frank my day has been crazy since I woke up this morning!! I sent over my write up last night to Lina. On my way to work get a text saying she never got it. On top of that, there was a bad accident on the freeway, and they said a couple people passed away. Is it me or does Halloween day bring out all the craziness in people? Get to work all my coworkers acting nutty!

I really just don't understand why today my #inthecutwithjay day, everything wants to go left. But anyway this week topic is stalkers, have you ever been stalked or was you the stalker am say that because the last couple weeks I been dealing with my own problem and don't know where it is coming from? I am over the phone calls and acting like we together, but anyway I will share later. And one more thing before I go. Have you ever been in a situation that you were scared for your life that when you look back you can laugh about it? I need you to call up and share! Join in on the fun and if you doing something after hanging with ya boy, be safe and turn up. And as I always say put out positive energy because what you put out will come back. https://ljdnradio.com/on-demand/

Until later holla, jay

As I always say, keep pressing and always give out positive energy because what you put out will come back.
Tonight's show is about cheaters... https://ljdnradio.com/on-demand

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