#ITC “Scams, Scams, Scams”

Yoooooooo whats popping family!!

To be honest, this topic just dropped from the sky!! Just being transparent, I have tried to scam someone myself! But this was long ago lol. Have you ever been scammed before? Have you scammed someone? The day and age that we are living in now we have to keep an eye on everyone. No one can be trusted. Since the holiday season is approaching us, it's time to start gearing up and locking down everything you have because they are out there working extremely hard to get the little bit we do have. So this show, we will have some fun and talk about all the different ways scammers have gotten people and what steps we must take to protect ourselves. Y'all know that I love to tell stories and I might have a few to share with you! If there is something you want to share with the family that you've been through, feel free to share.As I always say, Give a helping hand because the energy you put out will come back. Whatever you're going though keep pressing; your breakthrough is around the corner. https://ljdnradio.com/request

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