LJ Morning Sparkle Musical Inspirations

Good morning Diamonds,

I hope you all are having a blessed day so far, I hope everything is going well in your favor and if it’s not; have a cup of coffee, say a short prayer and just keep it moving. lol

This morning I am feeling a bit under the weather I think I’m coming down with an early cold, so I thought I’d play some inspirational Christian and gospel music for you instead of me talking. the music that you will hear is a combination of music I played for “The Book of Job” and “The Book of Esther” along with a few of the independent artists I promote who sings gospel music. I will, however, be back next Wednesday 10:00:00AM to start on my new book which will be the book of Nehemiah, as for today I need to get some rest to try to keep myself from not getting too sick. I think I gave myself this cold which you’ll find out once you listen to the podcast I’ll explain how and why I did it.

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