LJ Morning Sparkle Show “Daniel” Part 4

Good Morning Diamonds,

Keeping it real with you, I have to tell you this is one of the most complicated things that I’ve ever had to do. It is easy for me to do the LJDNShow because I’m talking with people about their businesses, or about consumer goods and services (#coffeetalk). It is also easy for me to Co-host with Jay Cut on In the Cut with Jay because it is his show, and he is the one that decides the conversation subjects we discuss.  I am the producer and the production assistant (that part is easy) however, reading scripture, trying to understand it and compare it with today’s life, it seems that no matter how right the scriptures are today’s life situations can make it appear so dated when its actually not, especially  when there are so many lessons and learning experiences in the Bible. http://tobtr.com/11062353


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