LJDN Show Podcast Interview with Social Media Consultant John Lusher

What’s up Diamonds,

Welcome to another episode of the LJDNShow due to serious storm conditions in my area that will hit on Monday hurricane Florence. I am not sure where I will be or what I will be doing. I do know that I won’t be trying to do a live show.

I will, however, have a podcast ready for you on Monday night for those of you that are in dry weather and can access the Internet or your cell phones. This interview’s one I did back in 2014 with Social Media Consultant John Lusher. He Co-hosted the show with me, the original show was 2 hours long I have shortened it down by taking out some of the music to about one hour and 14 minutes. Be prepared to have one hour or 14 minutes worth of chill time. In our interview, we talked about tips and advice for social media. Things you can do to help your business and help your personal growth on social media. A lot of these tips are still useful in today’s social media there has not been much or many changes to these techniques.  http://tobtr.com/10972123

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