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What's up Diamonds,

This month I decided to talk about relationships because #cuffingseason is coming up soon all the tree leaves will be falling and the weather will start turning brisk, time for bonfires, long sweaters and cuddling. I hope you have found Mr. or Miss. Right over the summer because the winter is going to be pretty cold and cold and lonely is a bad combination for cold and lonely in most cases equals depression, and I wouldn't want you to go into that as we move forward to the #2020 year. It seems that it doesn't matter how long you've been together, I’m talking living together, married or otherwise you still never really really truly know the person that you're sharing your bed with. You would think that after 20, 30 40 and so on years of marriage or relationships you know each other but there are still parts that we keep to ourselves. Only God knows the inner self because there are certain things you won't share with your mate and your mate won't share with you, even though you say publicly that you share everything the truth is you really don't share everything. I'm not trying to uncover those things that you don't share I'm just here to talk about different types of relationships my marriage for one, I feel is uniquely different than any other marriage and I will be sharing some things about it all month, not too much 'cause my husband will kill me… but I will share some things some conversations that I've had with him over  pillow talk and we all know what #pillowtalk means. I will be talking about different types of relationships all month. This Monday 8/5 I'm going to kick it off with finding the right mate and the different types of marriages, you definitely want to listen to this remember what I'm telling you is my opinion that's it you may agree or you may disagree, but Hey that's podcast for you, so check out  my new  podcast Mondays nights at 8:00 PM EST and again Tuesday mornings at 10am in case you missed Monday’s show. You can always request my show on LJDNRadio.com and on Alexa, or go to my download links are located at https://ljdnradio.com/links-to-streams-and-players/. Thank you for supporting and listening and I will see you in the social media networks.

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