Interview with C.E.O J.A. Smith of Smart Giraffe Computers

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I hope you all had a fabulous weekend the weather was gorgeous, not too hot and not too chilly enough to go out in the weather and keep your hair together type season. This week we continue with my month of interviews for small businesses,  tonight’s show will be about computers. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner you know how hard it is to step out on faith and own or operate your own business. Smart Giraffe is a local computer company in Portsmouth Virginia who specializes in computer repair and sales. J.A. Smith is owner and C.E.O. who is smart, friendly and tall hence the name (giraffe).

He recently started a tech support plan just like the one at the bigger commercial stores like Geek Squad except for his is more affordable. He will be calling in to talk about his business.  I always subscribe to a tech support service, it is important for people like me to have because I depend tremendously on my computer and want it to continue to work well. Listen in to find out more tonight at 7pm EST. You might hear a few tips on care points for your own computers. Don't forget to tune in on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM for the LJ Morning Sparkle and Thursday evening at 8: 00 PM EST for In the Cut with Jay. I will see you in the networks thank you for listening and I thank you for your support.

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