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What's up Diamonds,

I'm still here I've been busy, very busy when I say busy I don't mean it as if I'm too busy for my Diamonds, Cause we're all busy. I don't know when life got so busy for us all, but I am working on it and I do look forward to coming back with new shows. I do hope you're enjoying my podcast, the last 2 podcasts I put out about Christmas with the Mini’s was awesome, I always have a good time with the kids at Miniature Me Academy (plug). I did take a new recording of me and the Mini’s 2019, but for some reason the kids took longer to calm down this year. They seem to have gotten a little bit sassier….  not that nothing is wrong with that I don't mind a bit of sassiness. But when you're recording it can be a bit much.

This New Years, have fun, be safe, and loving, this holiday remember they can't hurt us because we're Diamonds we are impervious to anything that tries to break us. Drive carefully, no drinking and driving.

This is Lina and I will see you in the network’s bye for now.