LJ Coffee Talk November 2018

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What's up Diamonds 

What's up Diamonds,

Welcome to another episode of #LJCoffeeTalk for the month of November 2018, the year is almost over there are only about 6 more weeks before 2019 is here. And at the rate the world is going who knows what to expect for 2019 between the bad politicians in the bad weather, it’s a roll of the dice for what’s next.

Tonight I'm going to talk about “Not” overpaying this holiday season, I know that's not easy to do in some cases but if you are not a bargain shopping guru you might find this hard to do. I am one of those people that like to go in and get it done with especially grocery shopping, and because I don't like to grocery shop I tend to buy things there a little bit pricier than my husband would prefer, so that is why I got kicked off the grocery shopper list and he buys the groceries, and I’m good with that. I'm also going to talk about a Phablet the fabulous Phablet, don’t know what it is? You’ll find out more about it on the show and last, I’ll be talking about those e-gift cards, find out if they are worth our money? How secure are they? Join me tonight live at 7 PM EST for  November #CoffeeTalk,  thank you for listening and I will see you in the networks.

It's coffee talk time again this will be my last coffee talk for the year of 2018, I will resume my  #LJCoffeeTalk in January 2019.  I'm talking about some good stuff on the show tonight check out the LJDNShow’s  page on the website to find out more information.  I look forward to talking to you live tonight at 7 PM EST. http://tobtr.com/s/11079623

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