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What's up Diamonds,

Welcome to another episode of the LJDNShow, if you're not familiar or you don't know about what’s going on with the show, the show will no longer be live on BlogTalkRadio. You can still listen to prior shows from 2014 through 2018 podcast anytime on BlogTalk or iTunes, but the new shows starting this week will no longer be on BlogTalkRadio.com either by podcast or live.  It has been moved to LJDNRadio.com and you will be able to request it on Alexa and Echo. The show will no longer be live it will be on podcast that will air Mondays at 10:00 o'clock AM and again at 8:00 o'clock PM EST US only an LJDNRadio.com, it will also be available on SoundCloud and Spotify starting in May.

Monday’s show 5-13-19, #procedures   I was approached with an offer to have non- evasive lipo as a #Mothersday present which I was considering until I did my research on it. Turns out I would not be a good candidate I'll tell you why on my show at https://ljdnradio.com

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