Podcast Monday Interview with Miss. Judy of Little Pops BBQ

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What's up Diamonds 

I have some good news and I have some not so good news; well it's not that bad. I will be on an extended vacation, not a real vacation but a working vacation. The DiamondNetwork is growing fast and I do not have the time or workers to help with all the work, and I have extended myself beyond measures. I need to take the time to focus on new shows and projects that I have coming up, this break will only be for a little while the show will be back live very soon.

The good news is I have almost 300 shows and there are podcasts that some of you have probably never even heard. So what I'm doing is picking some of my favorite podcast and playing them on Monday nights. I have to edit the shows from the first 2 years because they are 2 hour shows. I will be cutting that down to one hour focusing on the interview itself. A lot of them was quite entertaining,  now before you say you don't want to listen, check it out you might like it it'll help you see from where I came from and how I'm growing.

Monday’s guest podcast is about when I had the opportunity to speak with Judy Johnson of Lil Pops Barbeque sauce from September 2014. The sauce was being gobbled up all along Hampton Roads Va., Judy called into the show to talk to us about her saucy sauce and to give us some inspiring words and tips for those of you looking into manufacturing a product.

Little Pops BBQ Sauce is no longer on the market and  Miss. Judy and her husband have retired they are no longer running the business . So don't go out looking for Little Pops BBQ sauce because you might not find it, I'm not sure if her emails are still working. Your going to hear her give out the contact information which I don't think is valid anymore.

I hope you enjoy the show and I will be around in the networks, I will still be live Wednesday on the LJ Morning Sparkle show and Thursday nights on In the Cut with Jay. Stay tuned and keep in contact because I have a lot of good entertainment coming your way. This move will put me in a better position to focus on the projects I have coming and the music streaming LJDNRadio.com which I am looking forward to getting together.  Thank you for listening  and for your continued support I will see you in the networks.

So, sit back and enjoy my podcast Monday my interview with John Lusher; I will be back live on Wednesday morning 10:00AM for the second episode in the book of Nehemiah. And I will be here Thursday night with In the Cut with Jay if all is still standing. God bless you all and thank you for listening, I pray that everyone stays safe in this weather I will see you in the networks.

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Take Care everyone,

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Thank you for listening I will see you in the networks

I hope you are enjoying the LJDNFamily entertainment of shows,

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