LJDNShow 2019 #LJDNAwards Finals

What's up Diamonds,

Welcome to the finals! This is the final show of the 2019 LJDN Awards, tonight me along with my cohost “ Jay from “In the Cut with Jay” will be announcing the winners of the 2019 #LJDNAwards. Let me extend a “Thank you” to all of those that were nominated to receive awards this year. There are no losers here because everyone has gotten some form of exposure just for being a nominee, those looking on and joining the #DiamondNetwork if they didn’t know you or hadn’t heard of you they know you now. That is the beauty of having these awards every year. The prized include the “Reach For the Stars” trophy, two T-shirts one from the LJDNetwork and the other from “In the Cut with Jay”, A six months for 450 x 450 banner advertisement contract with a link, on the LJDNShow and its affiliates (LJDNRadio) websites, your picture included in a LJDN in a Facebook ad advertisement which will reach thousands of people. The prizes are a token of the Artist or persons hard work on social media which is very time-consuming. So join me in my cohost Jay on the show tonight as we end the 2019 LJDNAwards with and some fun and good conversation and music I’ll see you in the networks. Thank you for your support http://tobtr.com/11239763

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