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Happy March to you! March the 11th will be the official day the LJDNetwork was created this is my anniversary month y’all and I'm celebrating all month. I will be posting pictures of times past when I first started the show and some of the guest and things of that sort including past winners of the LJDNetwork Awards. You know the LJDN Awards is still going on Monday (March 11th) you will select a winner from your votes, the winner will receive a “Reach For The Stars Trophy”, 2 T-shirts one for the LJDNShow the other from the “In the Cut with Jay” show,  6 month advertisement contract to post  their ad on the LJDNRadio and the LJDNShow websites the value at $2500.00. It's the LJDN way of showing our appreciation for all of the artist and all of the people that follow the LJDShow and listen to the LJDNRadio. http://tobtr.com/11229927

March is also the month for Saint Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras and I think spring break starts this month too. So March is the month after the holiday season that starts the party all over again until the summer, it is the prelude to the summer party months.

Going with those traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day one thing about the Irish their roots go deep they have deep embedded roots and they do lots of drinking. I decided to talk about ancestry.com most of you have went on it paid your money got information from it so how valuable is that information to you? Was it worth the money you paid or still paying? I looked into that plus,  I will share myancestry.com information with you and some things I discovered about my genealogy. I decided to try to find out just how accurate and true this information is, after all there's nothing more embarrassing than going to someone and saying you're my great uncle, aunt or parent for that matter and you have the wrong person and information.

I'm also going to talk about this with spring coming everyone's looking for new looks and a lot of people are dying their hair lots of crazy colors. I will give you some tips on extra conditioning and stuff like that for your new wild look. Ok, for all you over 40 babes that want to wear the crazy color I found some information that I want to share with you before you put in the green and blue hair. Do you think it's good to walk around with green or blue hair? Is society ready for “to eaches own” or the “I don’t give a dam” you? I guess it all depends… I'll talk about that more on my show.

Last, I will talk about private sanctuaries for me I have 2 my sunroom and my bathroom today I will talk about my bathroom. The reason I decided to talk about the bathroom is because I am getting mines renovated, I'm separating my shower from the tub so I've been working with contractors. I screech just saying the word “contractor” are they all horrible?  Working with contractors is not easy but if you want sanctuary you have to deal with them.  A sanctuary is the place in your house that I can go to and be at peace so I'm going to talk about some ways to make it more relaxing for you. It's going to be a fun conversation so join me tonight at 8:00pm my new time new time hear me now my new time tonight at 8 o'clock PM EST on the LJDNShow.

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