LJDNShow Podcast 2016 Holiday Show

What’s up Diamonds,

Welcome to another episode of the show I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are celebrating Veteran’s Day safely. To all my, #DiamondVeterans enjoy all the freebies and thank you for your service.

Mondays podcast kicks off the holiday season for the show. I have 3 independent short films that I will be playing on this show from my #TalentIn10 podcast. 2 of them are about Christmas lessons learned the other is a comedy about Christmas. I will be finishing out 2018 with podcast with the exception of 2 shows , one is it interview with Colin White of The Loving Kind  (the band) and the second will be my #CoffeeTalk special which will be coming up soon. The holiday seasons are busy for everyone and having some time to catch up with my work and spend time with my friends, family and my network family means a lot to me. That is one of the reasons why I take the time off and the other reason is to help me prepare for 2019. You will see me in the networks and you can hear me live on LJ Morning Sparkle Wednesday day 10:00am and on Thursday nights at 8 within the Cut with Jay.

The show you are about to listen to is a 2 hour show from 2015 when I was having 2 hour shows. If you decide to listen to the whole show you will find it very enjoyable.  I know you will like it so sit back and have a listen. Love you all…http://tobtr.com/11067675

Thank you for listening tune in Monday 7 PM EST

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