Good Morning Diamonds,

Welcome to the final episode of the book of Nehemiah, I have to tell you this month has been very convicting for me I have had all types of obstacles to stand in my way so that I won't continue this program. I've even thought about doing things differently when it came to the program 'cause it always seems that I did not have enough time. It always seemed that when it came down to my studies There is always someone or something that interferes, and it prevents me from doing these study but I'm here to say today that the devil is a lie, and I'm not going to stop. Last night after I finish with my notes my Internet went down and every week there seems to be something else getting in the way. Last night it went down and would not come back up, This is after I did the usual to get the Internet back up it would not come back up, it stayed in the red until I finally got tired and went to sleep. All of these obstacles getting my way is only making me stronger, it is only confirmation that I am doing the right thing. Because if it was not the right thing there would not be any problem every Tuesday night and Wednesday morning so please enjoy this final book of Nehemiah as next week we will be moving into a new book. All praises due to Jesus, I thank you for giving me your time, God bless you and I will see you on the network.

Lina Jones.

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I hope you will join me Thursday night on “In the Cut with Jay” for a fun time with lots of laughter Jay seems to get calls from fun and interesting people; please join us Thursday nights live at 8:00pm, we have a blast.

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I am not a preacher nor do I hold any doctrines stating any of the such, I am just like you and I go through things everyday some days I'm good and some days I'm not (sometimes my bad outweigh my good #realtalk). The bible can be quite intimidating trying to figure out how it applies to everyday life situations, I can only pray that my interpretation is true to my Lord and to you and that you learn something about yourself, Jesus and your life as I do each time I study. Feel free to leave any comments on my Prior shows page.