Hello Diamonds,

Learning shouldn't be so difficult and it's really not but when you're talking about matters of "Chris" the word and religion it can be confusing. I for one am quick to admit it is for me, I get thrown off by the so-called "Religious" people. The hypocrisy behind them sickens me sometimes, some of them are soo full of it and only truly care about themselves.  I am how can I say a different breed... God knew that when he created me and I am not going to pretend to be something that I am not.

I have this one chance at this life and in THIS life I choose to accept and believe there is another life waiting for me in heaven.  Do I want you to go there too? Yes! But I want you to go on your own accord that's the only way to get there and by believing Jesus is our saviour who died for our sins, God is our creator, father who gave His son Jesus who now exist in the Holy Spirit which is based on faith and belief,  all 3 are the same entity.

I am supposed to be of this world but not in this world well that's difficult when you are in "#survivalmode. That is why I have something called grace (we all have it). Grace bestows, upgrades and enhances my honour in which God gives me favour, and I got that through the blood Jesus spilt for my sins he was the exchange, the sacrifice so I can have "Grace".

See I have accepted the fact that no matter how good I try to be I will never be good enough for God because I have a sinful heart. So I stopped beating myself up over the bad that I do and try to forgive those that truly believe they are "good".

See I know this "Christian" person who sets her internal heart on the word... Yet she'll call me to boast about her life and how perfect her family is. The thing is, she is not the only one I met like that my point is... if I look at people like her and others jacked up ways I would turn my back on Jesus and damn myself because of them.  "NO Human" is good. That doesn't mean that I stopped trying to be a good person, it just means I understand what I have to do to save myself. For me, that's establishing my own private relationship with Jesus,  trying to obey the 10 commandments my heavenly father gave me, read my bible, pray, try to love others  (that's not trying to take advantage of me)  and tell folks about the goodness of Jesus.

Just live while I'm here do what I deem necessary to make a living for myself so I can survive and "No" I don't want any religion that is going to bore me to tears with traditions, rituals or cult-like following. If I am wrong "God" and only "God" can judge me so I don't really care too much what others say or feel.

Because I do have a thirst for more knowledge about my Lord and saviour Jesus I want to know more. So I purchased this book that I will be having a narration of (reading). It will not be live, it will be a podcast with music a 30-minute session. It will air May 29th 10:00am only on LJDNRadio and again on Sunday (not sure of the time).  You will be able to hear prior shows on it on Soundcloud and Spotify 3 weeks after the first show airs but you will be able to request it on Amazon Alexa and Echo immediately after the podcasted show.


I am not a preacher nor do I hold any doctrines stating any of the such, I am just like you and I go through things everyday some days I'm good and some days I'm not (sometimes my bad outweighs my good #realtalk). The bible can be quite intimidating trying to figure out how it applies to my everyday life situations, I can only pray that my interpretations are acceptable to my Lord and that you discover something new about yourself as I do with each and every scripture.